Save a text as multiple things

Hi everyone, i’m trying to save something like a csv file from the Bubble frontend.

I would like to use text files which are structured like this:


and i want to copy and paste this text somewhere in the frontend of my app, perhaps a Multiline Input element, and i want to process this text in a way that for each row is created a new thing with their fields being assigned like this: title=title1 and url=url1

There is no problem for me in changing the format of the text for example like this:

title1, url1
title2, url2
title3, url3

or in json format, or in any other format if necessary, the point is that i need this text to be saved as multiple things in the database. How can i do something like this?

This might be the plugin for you: JSON Machine Plugin | Bubble

Take some time to learn how to use the Read/Modify JSON functions together.