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Save a work week, date intervals (possible freelance help needed)

Trying to save a work week. A work week contains work days and work days contain time tracking (clock in/out). How can I make it so what is shown to the user is the current work week, and every Friday the workweek resets and starts a new workweek.

That catch is if the user enters data on a Monday and later visits on Thursday to enter the rest of their work week hours, I need that data from that work week to appear and be shown in the input fields they already entered.

Every Friday I need all of this data from all of the users to email as a .csv file. The email and .csv are obviously simple but I am having a lot of trouble figuring out how to set the intervals and how to get Bubble to know that this date (ex. 02/28/16 lands on a Sunday).

I would appreciate any help, I know it isn’t too complex for the experienced Bubble developer but if its easy to walk me through I can handle.

Aside from the amount of time I have spent on getting these last things figured out, I now have no time to spare.

FREELANCE GIG: If this is something someone can EASILY handle for me in a few hours post your email for me to contact for hire.


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Did you get this to work ?

I know I spend a lot of time mentioning Zapier … But you can make workflows happen every Friday at a certain time from there. And maybe switch the “current” week.

I have not, appreciate the response @NigelG. If you could possibly shoot me an email that would be great! [email protected]