Save and retrieve data without creating a user


I want to save data from a questionnarie without creating a user account and be able to retrieve it once a user/prospect decides to sign up to my application.

How can this be done?

I tried it with the „Local Storage“ plugin. So far the data gets saved into the local storage, however, I can only retrieve it on the same page. The problem is that my „user setup“ page is different from the „questionnaire“ page where the user initially puts in the information.

For context: The questionnaire acts kind of as a Lead Magnet. Once the prospect wants to upgrade to the paid software, I would need the information of the questionnaire to create his profile on the setup page. (So he doesn‘t need to fill out the answers again)

Hope you understand my case. Glad if someone could help me out!

Hi there,

Bubble will create a cookie on the user’s browser that will recognize them for at least 48 hours (provided they use the same browser and not in incognito mode). I have a similar use case on my app, and what I did was create a workflow if/ when they do sign up for a real user account, it finds anything created by the temporary user unique ID, and changes the user to the newly created user’s unique ID. This effectively moves anything the user had done in my app within the previous 48 hours into the newly created account. I hope this helps point you in the right direction!

Thanks for the reply, that makes sense!

Could you share a screenshot of the workflow with the conditional with me? That would help a lot!

Many thanks.