Save App Text to database or in option set

Saving app text to database or in option set would make things a lot easier when building multilingual apps.

Example: Option Set with navigation elements. Now I have a lot of conditionals, with that functionality i could always display the correct language.

Both could work, but have drawbacks (DBs differ in different environments; option sets must be loaded first, which can slow performance if large), but Bubble addressed your issue with languages for app-texts.

Why not just use… app texts?

yup. correct anchor text but wrong link…

I was thinking of a navigation system which uses option sets.


Option 1: Home
Option 2: Pricing
Option 3: Features

All of them with the following values:

  • Display, -Emoji, -Something

Now I have a RG with my navigation and Buttons have the text value Display.

For this use case i would have to add a conditional: If current cell is option 1 → display app text (option 1)

My suggestion would be to have a field not called text, called app text, to save a multilingual text here.

My example is very easy, reality is much more complex, that’s why I was suggesting this feature.

I would get rid of all the conditionals and could do a lot of things like custom order of navigation, breadcrumbs… way easier than now.

Maybe its not for everyone, and of course I could use some condtionals here. :slight_smile:

This exists in the link both of us sent you…

of course that exists and I want to save this value in an option set or the database, not just one text.

The use cases seem pretty narrow :man_shrugging:

You could:

  • Create an option set which has text, type (another option set) and language attributes. One option might be

  • text - Click to login

  • type - Login button

  • language - en_us

Then, display all options:filtered (= Login button and language = Current user’s language.):first item is empty:formatted as text. If yes, display a fallback text (probably English), if no, show the option’s text. Nothing required in the conditional tab.

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Thats what I am using sometimes and which lead to the idea to have the option to save the whole app text to a field. Thanks anyways!

To recap your idea: create an inefficient workaround instead of using any of the existing cleaner methods?

I would describe it the other way round. Create an easy, (efficient) method and not using workarounds to make the app multilingual.

Would also give more options for dropdowns.

Now I’m having to deal with one of the narrow use cases I would like this feature :sweat_smile:

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I was already thinking that I am the only one who needs this feature. :grinning:

Whats your use case now?

In the meantime I needed it again for:

  • custom navigation
  • dropdowns
  • multi select dropdowns
  • sorting values
  • language selection

and I guess some more…