Building multi-language app

Hi to everyone here.

I am building a small multi-language app (English & Japanese). At the moment I have come up with the idea to use CONDITIONALS to switch text in buttons and other elements. Language selection is controlled by DROPDOWN.

  1. WHEN drop-lang’s value is English THEN text “SAVE”
  2. WHEN drop-lang’s value is Japanese THEN text “削除”

All my elements will have these two conditions set. It takes some time to set up all these conditionals but later on it will be easy to maintain in case I delete an element from my app etc. But could this method make my app slower in when using longer texts in conditionals? By longer I mean text of 200 - 300 LETTERS.

But the other way is to use DB, and ChatGPT also recommends this method.

  • Data Types:
  • Create a new data type called Translation.
  • Add fields like Language (text), Key (text), and Value (text).

But in case of using DB I will have to go to DB every time I delete an element or make drastic changes on the page. And if I forget to delete that translation from the DB then it will be too messy in the end.

So, what do u recommend OR how you guys have been able to make this happen in the age of multi-language apps.

Thank you

You’re going to kick yourself when you see the Languages tab and realise you can create custom texts that can dynamically display based on a language field on the User type :slight_smile:

Thank you for helpful tip. I was aware of that option but thought it’s just to translate Bubble messages and UI. Can that setting also help me to translate all other elements TEXT etc? I Check it but it just shows only one of my data types in that dropdown. Thank you for u time.

Click ‘Create text’

omg, thank you for SAVING me. I really wasn’t aware of this function. Super happy.