Save current cells Index in Database

I have a Repeating Group showing a lista of Itens and I Use “Current Cells Index” to show position of result on list.
I’d like to save this position on Database of Current User.

Any Help?

Anyone? :frowning:

So, when you’re displaying a list like this, what you’re seeing is that it’s sorted. The item with index 1 is the first item in the list, the item with index 2 is the second and so on.

If you want to save this list in this order, simply set a List field of the correct type to be the RG’s List of [whatever type items]. Or, if the sorting is the result of some expression you already know just set that List field to that expression. The list of items will be saved in that order.

In other ways, you can create a new table (Data Sorting).

  • User
  • List of things. (things here means the data) with current data sort.

then you can add conditions, if the current user didn’t have a data inside “Data Sorting” table. just show the default view.
and if user has data inside “Data Sorting”, show the data based on his sorting.

then next step is updating the “Data Sorting” table for the user.

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