Save duration when using a start/stop timer

Hey bubble friends - have a quick question:

I have built this timer:

Screen Shot 2023-01-13 at 10.57.16 AM

I have the custom states and workflows configured so that I can start the timer / stop the timer - my question is:

  • How could I then save the current date/time displayed when I click finish (pausing the worklfow running every 1 second) as a duration of an activity?


Hi there, @salvatore.percival… if I understand your post correctly, can you save the current date/time to a custom state when the start button is clicked and save the current date/time to another custom state when the finish button is clicked, and then subtract the first date/time from the second date/time and format as days/hours/whatever to show the duration of the activity?



Hey Mike!

Basically I would like to save the text (10 seconds) that is presented here as a data field when I hit finish.

So then save it… is there a particular reason why you can’t? (@mikeloc already explained how to do it)

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Yup, what Adam said (and what I already said). If you have the date/time when the start button was clicked and the date/time when the finish button was clicked (you can set custom states to those dates/times when the buttons are clicked), you can save the difference between them to a field in a data type. Have you tried to do that and you aren’t getting the desired result?

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Ahh ok I did not read correctly on your original post - thank you so much for reiterating and sorry for not seeing that right. I appreciate it - I am going to put this into action :slight_smile:

Thanks @adamhholmes as well!


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