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Hello to all,

I encounter a small problem that blocks me enormously in the advance of my site I can’t save the date and time linked to this button. I can’t find “Current cell’s date” when I want to save it.

If someone can help me I would be very grateful.
Thank you very much

Not sure I understand your challenge completely, but a commonly used trick is to include a simple group within your cell that you set to e.g. “date” and for source “parent groups date”. Then you can reference the group’s data in a workflow.

To explain quickly I want that when a customer clicks on the button to book an appointment, this appointment is recorded as a booked appointment
when I use the button function I can’t find its content to save it in the data.
So I thought of using a group to find it more easily but unfortunately I can’t insert the same content as in the button.

Excuse me I’m a real beginner on Bubble io

This is my app if you want to see what I’m trying to do Toach | Bubble Editor

What you have done in principle is not wrong and can work.
When clicking on a date you set the group “Selected DATE”'s date which is then displayed.
Now in your SAVE Button workflow you want to use this one to refer to.

So in the currently red data just set this not to the RG itself but simply to the Group “Selected DATE”'s date.

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Thanks a lot for your help.

I want to try it but the test page of “utilisateur_pro2_0” (the page where I enter all the availabilities) does not want to open and no error message is displayed. I don’t understand because I changed nothing.

Are you sure that page exists? I don’t see it in your app.

Oh really sorry my bad I wanted to say “inscription_pro2_0”.

That is weird - if previewing this page my whole browser freezes, all windows showing nothing any more. No idea what is going on. Might be one of the many plugins you have installed, looks like quite a list.