Where is 'Current Cell..."

I cant find “current cell’s…” it is only allowing me to input a thing. This means when I view my repeating group the value of the things do not change, they are all the same.

Any ideas?

Parent Group

Have you defined the type of content? The data source? Do you have groups inside your RG? If so, the groups need a data source as well.

This is what I would like to see, I do have groups within the RG. They appear to have a data source…

Could you please provide a public editor link?

You have a group inside the cell, so you can’t refer to the cell, it only goes one level down (it could be nested multiple times and would get far too complicated.

Your group does not have any content set up, otherwise it would say “Parent Group’s XXXXX” instead of “Parent Group’s Thing”.

So set the group to be the cell’s thing, and reference it. Then use Parent Group’s xxxxx/


Thank you.

I have ungrouped but not when previewing the data does not appear. I am sure this is me being an idiot but I cant get it to work. How do I share an editable link?

Settings / General / Application Rights.

Then share the URL.

Thanks Nigel,

If it’s the job listing page, the data source isn’t set, just the type. The RG aren’t getting any data. If I’ve understood it right, you need to do a “search for” in order to get any data and then as Nigel wrote above.