Save image to database from a downloadable Airtable url

Hi all,

We have a ton of files stored in Airtable which we need to send via API call to a third party. The issue is Airtable doesn’t allow the sending of files via API call, it only provides a downloadable url.

I’m aiming to GET the records data I need from airtable, and 1) run a workflow to download the file from the downloadable url (included in the GET call), before 2) send the file via the API call to the third party.

I don’t want to do this manually though, does anyone know of a way to automatically download a file from a url in a workflow step? Not sure if there’s a plugin for this, I haven’t run into this use case before.

@cha_james , did you try saving the file by :saved to S3 option? Operators and comparisons | Bubble Docs

In the GET API response, if the url is being picked up as “text” then try changing the type to “file”

Thanks for taking a look, that doesn’t seem to be an option unfortunately. We get the url as a text format back from airtable, but even if I save it as a file in the response it’s still not sending a file that can be opened - they’re just receiving the download url still.