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Airtable Go to Page workflow

I would like to tap a photo within a cell in a repeating group to open a new page with the full details of that cell. The data is coming from airtable.

I understand the basic principles from similar posts that the receiving page needs to have a consistent Type, and that I might need to send more parameters with the recordID, but in practice, I’m having a hard time.

the closest I got was the receiving page actually displaying data, but of the wrong record. That was due to the :First item setting that kept getting suggested.

I’d greatly appreciate a step by step with screenshots to set this matter to an end , many thanks

This is what the page you are going to needs (Type of Content):
Screen Shot 2021-11-25 at 4.54.27 PM
Then the image workflow should look like this:

The Data you send should match the type of content that is specified on the receiving page.

Thanks for the response. I understand those steps with the bubble database. But I don’t know how to do that with the Airtable API.

When I go to the receiving page, and go to Type of Content, I need it to be a table from my Airtable database. It only seems to give me the option of User or some other bubble database type.

Ah I understand. Yes usually you could put an api as the type of content to a group but on a page you cannot. So I think you have two options:

1.) Make a data type that has all the fields you need from the api then when you click on the image it saves all the data to the database and then pass it to another page.

2.) Just simply combine your pages into one and use custom states and conditionals to make stuff hide/show and give the appearance of a separate page. That way you can pass the api info to a group.

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Thanks for taking the time for those suggestions. I’m more inclined to the second option, but since I have about 4 different dynamic pages, the Go to Page workflow would be an ideal solution. It seems like someone else was able to make it work here on the response in Feb 4, but I haven’t heard back from them with clarification. Perhaps, you understood their alternative solution involving parameters? : Airtable Get single record - #9 by Silenux

I’ve tried the option 2, I’ll have to learn how to set up these custom states and conditionals but this looks like a possible workaround, but I am concerned that hiding and overlaying many otherwise “pages” would affect the speed/performance if combined to one page.

Any additional tips on how to stick with the Go to Page workflow are welcome. Thanks!

According to the example you shared of a solution, this is what they are saying will work. Here is the image workflow:

Here is what the Main Group, not the page itself, on the receiving page should look like:

In the data source box type ‘Get data from url’. Once the correct parameter is selected it should update the type of content to match your api data.

Thanks so much for taking the time to respond. I feel really close yet so far. I’m following your screenshots with my Key leaving the type of content empty, and leaving the Get airtable from page URL as text, but it doesn’t update the type of content to match my api data.

Type of Content should not be empty and type should match whatever type airtable actually is. I just didn’t have the API on my end so I couldn’t put the correct values in those spots. It also won’t equal current cell’s index in the first screenshot it will be current cell’s airtable or whatever the type of content is of your repeating group.