Set repeating group equal to corresponding data based on dropdown selection

I have a drop down selector that enables the user to select from a list of cities in my database.

I would like for a repeating group to populate with another column in my database called Category based on the city selected from the drop down.

For instance, in my database, I have my locations associated with a category (like Park or Restaurant) and a city.

I would like the repeating group to populate with all the category names associated with that particular city.

However, I don’t see that as an option for the data source.

Thanks in advance!

I think your Type of Content should be Category & Data source as:

Do a search for: Category
City = Dropdown’s value

@lantzgould I almost got it working.

My only issue now is that, when I select the city from the dropdown, my repeating group lists the group names of all the locations within that city resulting in a list of many duplicates.

I’m trying to get a list of the unique values of the groups in each city.

So I want a list like: “Parks, Restaurants,…” instead of “Parks, Parks, Parks, Parks, Restaurants, Restaurants…”

Here’s a screenshot of my repeating group where I’m trying to get unique elements only:

And here’s a screenshot of my repeating group text:

Thanks again for your help! This is the second time you’ve helped me make progress on my app.

I got it working! I needed to change the type of content to text instead of Location Names (a table in my database).

Here’s the repeating group’s settings that work:

And here’s the repeating group’s text settings that work:

(just in case someone else is searching for the solution to this problem).

Thanks for getting me on the right track, @lantzgould

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@harrisonalley Nice!

‘Text’ was going to be my second guess. :slightly_smiling_face:

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