Save tree like data with input in repeating group

I would like to save a datatype that look like this :

“Field A” : list of text (4)
“Field B” : list of text (4)
“Field C” : list of text (4)
“Field D” : list of text (4)
“Field E” : list of text (4)
“Field F” : list of text (4)

To enter the text I would like to have 6 repeating group consisting of 4 input each. After filling up the inputs I would like to have the content of each 4 input stored as a list of text in the respecting field.

The problem repeating group will be empty if the list of text is empty thus it doesn’t show the input.

I tried using a list of number to populate de repeating group but then we have no acces to the input value.

Is there a way to do this?

Thanks in advance

Why is it necessary to use a “list of texts”? the problem with list of texts is that you can’t have items with the same value (it won’t be added).
One solution: to keep just 1 text and split by a character that nobody is gonna use.
For example:
Input 1: Answer 1
Input 2: Idk
Input 3:
Input 4: haha

the result would be → Answer1|Idk||haha
than if you split this text by “|” → this text:splitted by:|
it will result on a list of test with 4 items:
Answer, Idk, , haha

If I follow this suggestion, how is this step done? can I fuse the content of 4 repeating group inside 1 text?


When you save, you just get the input values:
Make change in data:
Data’s answers = input1’s value|input2’s value|input3’s value|input4’s value

sometimes the field gets a bug, so you won’t be able to write everything, so you can also make a:
Data’s answers = Current time is not empty:formatted as text
(and then, inside, you put the input’s value)