Saving Text from Repeating Group

Hey all,

I have a repeating group that displays content from a search that includes a “random item”. Each time the user types something in, the repeating group shows different content. There’s currently 3 lines in each repeating group box, however I could potentially split this across 3 different repeating groups.

However, I’d like the user to be able to “save” items that displays in the repeating group. I’ve tried to “create a new thing” -> however I am getting errors thrown, saying that the value should be a “list of texts”.

Any thoughts on this? Maybe another way of looking at this?


If you put a button inside the repeating group then you can do a workflow to create a new thing and then use current cells options to create the new items.

Hope this works for you.

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Exactly! This is what I would do too! Very simple to do and looks very clean.

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how can we store the values to the database without needing to click a button? I’m trying to store the current index value. Thank you in advance if you can help :slight_smile:

Could explain a little bit more on what you are trying to do? Like what will the user be doing to see the values of the input?

Not sure if it is possible to do that because saving from a repeating group you need to specify which cell to save it from.

If you could give some information or a link to the editor I can take a look and see what I can do. You can also DM the link if you prefer.

I saw the other post you put up and I played around trying to figure a way to do it automatically but I could not come with a way to do it.

Some else might have a way to do it that I din’t figure out yet.

You might want to look at the auto-bind feature. If you have an existing record in a repeating group, you can let the users update data by using input fields, dropdowns, etc. that are bound back to the database items.


I dont have acess to bubbles editor right now, but is it possible to do a save on load?

Thanks Lester. The trouble I’m running into is that the data displayed in the repeating group includes a random item.

For example, the first row of the repeating group includes “First Name”, however I add in a random item from the “Last Name” database. So the first item in the repeating group includes a known value + a random unknown value.

However, when I add a button inside the repeating group, in the workflow my only option appears to be to save “First Name”, not “First Name” + whatever the random last name that was added.

How can I save the whole text string as it appears in the repeating group?

Hope that makes sense. Thanks for your help.

You should be able to in the workflow, select the input where the user fills out and in the same place put the current cells last name.

If you share the link to the editor I can help you better. You can also DM the link if you prefer.

Thanks Lester - The issue is that the “random item” is added within the repeating group text. In other words, item 1’s text in the repeating group is “Current Cell’s FirstName search for lastname: random item’s last name”. So, the string isn’t from any database, it is creating it on the fly within the repeating group text. It’s dynamic text.

I’ve tried to create a database entry that pulls the random “Last Name”, and then display it in the repeating group, however it seems to slow things down considerably.

Thanks again for your help here.

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