Saved styles are being applied inline?

When I use the inspector to look at my elements, I noticed that all of them are using in-line styling. This is confusing to me, as I have setup all the styles in advance, and they are not using modified styles. They have the class parameter filled, but it doesn’t seem to be doing anything, as I can remove or alter and it has no effect on the display.

For example, I made a simple test page to show this. I just made a blank page, and dropped a bunch of elements in and changed no settings (except the display text and image).

I have seen other bubble pages, and they don’t have the style parameter being so heavily used as mine. I’m wondering if I missed a setting somewhere or what I could be doing wrong here.

Just in case anyone runs in this problem, I figured it out.

So I tested the test page on another browser, Microsoft Edge, and it seems to render the code as expected. I never used Edge, and it has no extensions, so then I started testing all my extensions. With all of them disabled, it was still producing the same problem.

I did see a console error attributed to the Airdev Canvas plugin, even with it disabled. When I removed it, it fixed the problem and now it is working fine. So problem solved.

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