Saved to s3 from API not wroking?

Hello everyone!

I’m transferring data from an existing app to another one. Let’s say … from “Donor” app to “Receiver” app, where “Donor” is supposed to be deleted later. So I really want to save the files to “Receiver” ‘s AWS s3, so that it doesnt’ just store the url, but really save the file with a new url.

I GET the file from “Donor” through API call, and use “:saved to s3” while creating the new object in “Receiver” App.

But when I finally display the file in "Receiver"app, the url displayed in my browser is exactly the same as it was in “Donor” app. So I’m suspecting that when I’ll delete “Donor” app with its relative data storage, I could loose files from “Receiver” app.

I’m I missing something? Did you face that issue? how did you solve it?

Solution found here : How to clone a file uploaded to Bubble S3 - #9 by james.puddicombe