Saving a double 0 dropdown-choice

I’m having trouble with the following problem: I’m currently using dropdowns in order to let users select a certain time for a database entry they make. Times are split in two different numbers: the hours and the minutes. Both can be selected through a different dropdown: the hours dropdown consists of 24 static choices (00, 01, 02 etc.) and the minutes are split up in 12 static choices (00, 05, 10, etc.). Therefore, users are able to select times in fragments of 5 minutes, and I can easily use these values for database searches later on.
My problem is the following: when a user selects the value ‘00’, this is automatically formatted to ‘0’, Then, times are displayed as 13:0 instead of 13:00. Fortunately, the time of midnight isn’t used often, but that one would be even worse (0:0). How can I change this? I’ve read that formatting the data as text (numbers only) works best, but I can’t seem to force my dropdown to format the values like this.
I would very much appreciate any suggestions!

I’m having the same problem, the only fix I’ve found is to put quotes around one of the 0x options (“01”/“02”, etc), and the rest of the values appear with the leading 0.

Is there a cleaner way to do this?

zero issue

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has anyone found another workaround for this besides using quotes…

You can use the Air Static Dropdown Labels plugin to address this issue.
Actually this issue was one of the main reasons I created this plugin.

Don’t worry the plugin is free.

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thanks for this Seanhoots. i noticed however the last option on the drop down was missing. then i followed your careful instructions in regards to the input not being empty. All works now. I feel happy saving a cats life. thank you.

this solved the user’s end but still need to find a way to make the double 0 appear “behind the scenes”

ok i think i got a workaround. the original dropdown i had to use the “00” method. and when displaying it or using it to put into the database i used the value of the dropdown and find & replace " with blanks.

seems to be working as planned.

This is annoying though. Thanks guys for the help