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Saving Address into the Database

Hello fellow Bubblers,

I am using an API to POST data into Bubble and am unable to save a Bubble geographic address.

Here is what I am doing:
Using a workflow, I am concatenating street, city, state code zip code, USA into a text field

Then using the result above in another workflow with a 5 second delay and inserting into a Bubble geographic address field.

However the result of this leaves my geo field null.

I’ve validated that my address value is correctly formatted by hard coding the same address into the geo field and it works.

Does anyone know how to insert geographic values into the database via an API?

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If your second workflow is in the API Workflow tab you need to do a search for boats:first item and constraint to boats address shown above.

Also, make sure access to API from your app settings is enabled.

Hi @nocodeventure,

Thanks for replying to my question.

I tried as you suggested by doing a search for the object. No luck.

The issue doesn’t seem to be in finding the object but rather in the address format.

When I hard code the same address that’s generated in step 1 it works fine. However, when I make this into a dynamic reference to the same field it doesn’t work.

I don’t mind checking with you to help. Send me a PM if you would want that.

Did you find an answer for this? I’ve got the same problem.

Yes. So there are two things happening here.

First is the actual address format. It needs to be concatenated to the format Bubble (or Google?) wants:
Street, City, State Code Zip Code, USA

Second, and in my case since I’m using the API, I took a look at the error logs and found an error from Google. The Google API won’t accept an http referrer as a restriction and tells you to use IP address restriction.

However, Bubble does not provide a static IP or range for us (unless you’re on a dedicated plan). Basically, you have to have no restrictions on your Google API credentials to allow for this to happen. Which is not ideal.

This post contains instructions from Bubble without API restrictions:

I just confirmed it works by swapping out API keys to one without restrictions and the address correctly appears in the DB.


Thanks. This worked for me. I was looking for answers about “geographic address” so I missed the post about “Google MAP error”. Hopefully others don’t need to get stuck in the same place.

I did the same thing. Thinking it was an address formatting issue… Not knowing about the other potential source of errors.

Thanks for your post.
I had the same issue trying to push data from a Google Sheet file to my Bubble DB using Integromat. I couldn’t figure out why the Geographical Address field failed when importing.

I had to remove the “http referrer” restriction of the Google API to make it work.


I have reviewed the above &

updated the google maps as per the advice
set up the save address workflow with street append suburb etc

The problem I am having is that this saves the test as one string with no commas and the save field won’t allow me to insert a comma between them. So it isn’t in the right format & wont save in the address field. I have the address set as a geographical address. Is there any other way to do this ??

Screen Shot 2022-01-07 at 9.21.52 am

Screen Shot 2022-01-07 at 9.19.35 am