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Saving CC or Debit Card Info on Users with Stripe

Hi everyone, I’m nearing the completion of my app and I’m currently working on implementing a payment structure into it. For this, I’ve found that the Stripe.JS 2 plugin is the typical plugin used to accomplish this. I’ve watched a bunch of videos but am still struggling to get stripe to save my user’s CC info (name on card, card number, CVC, etc). Currently, I’m trying to do this by having the user enter the information into a series of inputs and then click “add card” to save the information so they can use it for future payments. I’m going to have to eventually charge the user with the card they have saved on the app. If someone could provide any insight on what I could do to get this to work it would be much appreciated.

have you got your answer because i also have same flow as yours

I use bubble stripe plugin and it has an action just to trigger the customer to register their card.
Then also when you charge the customer there is an option (Charge the saved CC)

Another option for you, is the webhooks .
If you setup a backend call and get the customer information, then when the customer register on stripe. you can make a workflow to save their details ti your database.
If you still stuck I will go through it with you when I am back from work .

have you done this if yes can i see your workflow because i not good at webhooks

I haven’t done this specifically because bubble stripe app does it already.
I have done couple different webhooks calls so u am sure we can do this.
When I am back home I will send you some screen shots

Please check this, you might need to change the events until you find what you need…