Stripe Credit Card Form Popup

How do I save the card information a user sets when using the popup? I see no workflow option for the Stripe Credit Card Form Popup except to display it.

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You don’t. And generally very bad practice to save cards in the database for obvious security reasons.

I assume you’re using the Bubble Stripe plugin, in which case there’s an option to charge the current card etc (listed under ‘Payments’ in the workflow section). Or, alternatively, in your editor you can reference the cards last 4 digits, expiration, etc.


Thanks@lantzgould! I figured out how to retrieve the information. I was able to retrieve the information from Stripe directly.

Can you please share where you found out how to do this? THanks.

Yea, if you look at the workflows for the plugin you should see options for saving and retrieving information directly from stripe.