Saving chart configurations

Hey, lots of great examples here of charting tools by @Thimo and @alex4 !! Here’s what I’m looking to do, looking for some advice:

  • Have user configurability of charts: what data series gets charted, maybe types of charts, etc
  • A user can create a “dashboard” or list of charts they have configured.
  • They can publicly share individual chart links, as well as their whole “dashboard” collection of charts.
  • They can share a screenshot of a chart on social media, but I want to watermark any images exported

Any advice on how to proceed? Thanks in advance!

Note: I am new to bubble (took some training), but pretty experienced with data analytics / python / databases etc

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Pretty much possible with the help of Bubble database + dynamic passing the data into chart.

Again, It depends on what level of customization you want to give to the user. But it is possible to build a dashboard, like configuration of data, time, or changing the x/y- axis data.

Build the page into the bubble, and pass the data (put privacy rules in such a way your data is secured and public) .

Use a service like, “Banner bear” and share the screenshot publicily.

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Ok - so basically the configuration portion of each chart is done as bubble controls, and the configurations are saved for the user in the db. The charts then read the configuration for the user. Makes sense!

Have a favorite charting tool in bubble?

Thanks for the shoutout here! I appreciate the customer love :slight_smile:

Hoping to learn a bit more about your needs: could you share a bit more about what you mean with this point?

  • They can publicly share individual chart links, as well as their whole “dashboard” collection of charts.

Feel free to check out the TechBlocks Chart JS plugin demo page here and let me know if it works for your use case!

Thanks! Let me mess with it a bit more and I’ll probably have a clearer question.

Hey @alex4 i wanted to get your thoughts on this?

What I am hoping for actually is to be able to embed all of the cube.js playground in bubble, or perhaps metabase. I want to provide a general purpose exploratory tool without recreating the wheel haha.

Would love any suggestions!

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Does ChartJS allow for PNGs created for charts?