Saving data from a repeating group (which is populated via API)

Hi folks :slight_smile:

I finally was able to get my response from Open AI to return me a list of things that I save in a repeating group. Each RG cell contains a “Title” “URL” and “address” field. This is great! But now I’m trying to be able to save each of these to their corresponding field in the database and am having terrible luck doing so. To be crystal clear form the image below, I want to save the results I have on the right into the DB where “The Louvre” is one “Recommendation” (data type) and the fields within that data type are name, URL, address.

I’ve seen on the forum that “Orchestra” plugin was recommended but I couldn’t find clear enough instructions for my level of understanding. If this is still the way to do it could someone please provide step by step info as to how they’ve used Orchestra?

Many thanks!