Save data from repeating group to DB

I have a repeating group shown in table,
In the table, I have many updatable fields.
how can I change the DB to all rows when the update button is clicked?
I’ve tried to do it via the backend API (make a change to list of things ) but I faced a problem with passing parameters from the screen fields !!
any idea how to perform such thing

What are we looking at in your screenshot?..

Does the bottom blues group contain inputs relating to a single database entry?

Or is it a RG containing a list of DB entries (one on each line), and you’re trying to update ALL the items in the RG when a single button is clicked?

You’ll have to use a plugin to get that data out.

  • Bubble helper toolkit
  • Bdk RG tools
  • Orchestra

These work in different ways but allow you to access the contents of your RGs inputs

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exactly , it is a RG containing a list of DB entries (one on each line), and you’re trying to update ALL the items in the RG when a single button is clicked.

In that case it’s not simple, as Bubble doesn’t let you access data inside a RG from outside it…

So, as @jared.gibb suggests, you’re probably best looking into some of the plugins he mentions that allow you to do just that (i.e. access data inside a RG from outside it)… they might take a bit figuring out in order to use them, but they can help you achieve what you’re trying to do…

That said, if you don’t want to use any plugins, it is possible to do it without… (although not necessarily any easier)…

As you can’t access data inside the RG from outside, what you need to do is pass the input values from inside the RG to somewhere outside the RG, so that you can access them in your workflow when the save button is clicked.

So, anytime the input value is changed, you can pass its value into a custom state list outside the RG.

Obviously, you need a way to know what the value relates to, and also to prevent duplicate values being stored in the list, but the idea is that you’ll generate a list of texts in a custom state list, with each text relating to a specific input, and containing the relevant value… to do that you can generate a string containing a reference to either the cell index, or the cell’s thing (unique ID), joined with the input’s value (separated by some arbitrary symbol)…

Then, when your save button is clicked, you can iterate through the list of texts in the custom state list (using ‘split by’ to extract the relevant values), and update the DB accordingly.

It’s actually a lot simpler than it sounds once you grasp the process… although you might want to look into the plugins mentioned above anyway so you can access the RG data directly from your workflow instead.


at the end , auto binding did a great work for the purpose :slight_smile:


Your solution seems absolutely logical. Could you please explain in detail how to implement it. As I understand it, I need to collect value texts in a custom state, concatenating the value with the ID of the text field. And then change these values when the input changes, finding the desired value by ID. And at the end, when saving, enter the values into the database, finding the required values in the list by ID. I don’t understand how to technically do this…