Saving Data from each RG cell

Ok, so I am building a user-built form application. I’m using a repeating group to display the form questions, and they have 3 different groups inside each cell—a group with a normal input that displays when the question’s type is “text”; a group with a multiline input that displays when the question’s type is “textArea”; and a group with a custom dropdown (a group that has a “selection” state with the dropdown’s selection) that displays when the question’s type is “select”.—Now, with this being said, I’m having trouble saving the data. How would I save the responses and associate them with the current cell’s question?

Assuming you have a table for answers?

You would need to create workflows on each of the “options”.

Within the workflow you will be able to reference the question in the repeating group along with the answer.


User changes drop down, you will need to have 2 workflows. First one would be a create new thing (answer). In your answer table I’m assuming you have data type of question, so on the workflow you send the question from the repeating group along with the drop down answer.

2nd workflow will be a change thing and same as above but you would need to do a search to find if it had already been created.

I have one similar and on my setup is a form table, a question table and a answer table.

Form table has a list of questions and a list of answers.

Answer table simply has 3 fields, form, question and answer.

What I was thinking was when input value is changed, set state of form group’s question #[whatever question number it is] because I have a fixed amount of maximum questions and have a data type called “formResponses” with fields of question1 to question35 and answer1 to answer35 but in order to change the state, it would require many workflows, conditionals, and only whens.

But I just don’t think my method is the easiest and most efficient way.

I created a custom form maker (like Google forms) for my ERP app. Try out the free plugin


With it you can execute workflows to every cell in an RG. It’s pretty simple to setup if you follow the instructions.

You won’t have to create tons of states and you can have as many or as little cells as you want because the plugin executes a workflow in each cell seperately. You can even customize if you want all cells to execute a workflow or even have each cell execute 2 different workflows.

That should help your use case!

Ok, thank you! I’ll try it out when I get home.