Storing Data in a Repeating Group

I have been searching for the past 2 days and cannot find anything on the forum with the answer I need.

I want the ability to Input information into a group and have it add the information to a repeating group without overriding what was previously added.

I would also like the ability to click on an option in the group and edit the information for that specific entry that has been clicked

Group A:
Start Date/Time
End Date/Time

Repeating Group:
(Should add every entry to the list)

Please someone HELP!

Hi @dominique1 - at a high level here are some steps to take:

  1. Create a Data Type called “Group
  2. Within Group, create Data Fields
  • Client (type User or text depending on your need)
  • Location (type text)
  • Start (type date)
  • Stop (type date)
  1. In your design, create the relevant inputs and a button to input the Data Fields and initiate workflow to create a new Group
  2. Create a repeating group (RG) that does a search for Group. Add text fields to show the 4 data types
  3. Add a button in RG to open a popup. In the button’s workflow, Display current cell’s Group data to that popup.
  4. In the popup, create similar text/inputs as you did in #2 above. Have Initial content be the Parent Group’s Group content. Have a button to save and another to close popup. For button to save, initiate workflow to make changes to Parent Group’s Group.

If I’m understanding the behavior of your app, these are some quick high-level steps that should get you there. Hopefully these steps made some sense.

I have attempted the first part which is to have Group (form) store information into the repeating group. The problem is every time I type in new information. It erases the old information I added. It’s not keeping it saved in the RG.

Do you have a workflow to create a new thing (“Group”) every time a new set of data is entered into the inputs? Referring to pic below, when you look in your database (Data ==> App Data) , you’ll see multiple instances of the thing (“Group”) you created. Your RG Search shouldn’t have any Constraints and you should see all of the “things” in your RG.

All the data I entered is showing in the Data–>App Data (thank you for showing me this feature). But it does not show in my RG table on the live/preview screen

Do you have your RG Search setup similar to the pic below. Yours would have “Group” or whatever your data-thing is called instead of “User”

Then in the first cell of your RG, you’d have a text field with something like “Current cell’s Thing” in it:

  • Current cell’s Thing Client
  • Current cell’s Thing Location
  • Current cell’s Thing Start
  • Current cell’s Thing Stop

Yes I do have those fields

Can you provide screenshots on how you have your repeating group setup and also the fields (ie text) in the first RG cell?

See images below:

@dominique1 - thanks, these pics are helpful. Two things:

  1. On your RG search, it’ll only show the “Group” that have the exact values in the Client, Location, StartDate and EndDate fields (the inputs from the upper left corner of your page). I suspect this is not what you want as it’ll be very constraining. I think what you want is to remove the 4 constraints you have currently in the pic below. That way when the RG search occurs, all of the instances of Group from the database will show up in a RG’s respective cell

  2. In your RG, the text field you have is setup to show the 4 Input values I referred to above (see pic below).

What you want in the RG is:
“Client: Current cell’s Group’s Client”
“Location: Current cell’s Group’s Location”
“Start: Current cell’s Group’s StartDate”
“Stop: Current cell’s Group’s StopDate”

Hope this makes sense and helps.

When implement #1 it fills in all the boxes with the exact same information.

It is still doing the same thing when I implement #2. Once I start typing in new information to be added to the list it deletes it out of the RG. I can only view it in the data area that shows all entries

Can you provide a picture of the workflow when “Save” is clicked?

Workflow for “Save” button

Can you send updated pics with the RG changes? Alternatively, if you’re ok with it, can you share your app? It’s under Settings ==> General and pick “Everyone can view”. Refer to pic below.

I have deleted everything and starting from scratch to see it it will work. Once completed I will let you know if it works

I started over and added all the fields I need for the app. The app is now adding the inputs to the list but it’s not filling in all the information needed (i.e. Provider and Provider Cost)

I’ve made the app so everyone can view. Not sure how to share it on the post

Hi @dominique1 - simply copy/paste the URL from your editor into this message thread (see example below)


Thank you for all your help. I was able to figure out the problem and fixed it. I appreciate your help. I am now working on trying to get the information on the RG to show in a pop out group for editing