Saving Data List from API

I’m a beginner in Bubble and I have a doubt how to save a list in database.


  1. An API returns simple fields and data list fields according to the image (it’s a data base for people (name, birthday, social number, zodiac, etc) but each person has many phone numbers and also many emails) :

Saving the first fields (the basic ones, example name, brithday, are ok) I can choose each one for each specific field in the data type “person” let’s say.

My question is, how can I save each item from the list (many phones)?

  1. Should I create a new data type (table) for the phones?
  2. How can I correlate these phones to the original document?
  3. How can I save these phones?

Hi, Luciano did you figure out how to do this? I have the same issue.

Yes. When you create the thing, you just insert (set list) operator. It means it will always change the old list to a new one when make changes to the data.