Saving drop down list to database

So, I have a dropdown list with plans that are listed out. I’m trying to get the workflow to reflect a yes/no for which plans were picked. I have 4 fields 12 months/3 months/6 Months/ and Month to Month. So far i see that the data on the database reflects my plans, but for some reason it’s not reflecting the data correctly.

How do i display which value that is selected in my dropdown as yes/no properly on the database?

The values you’re setting return a yes/no response to whether the value is empty or not. Look at it like a question is being asked: Is dropdown’s payment plan’s value not empty? yes or no? It’s always going to be yes because something is going to be selected.

It should be:

12 months = Dropdown Payment Plan’s value is 12 months
3 months = Dropdown Payment Plan’s value is 3 months

The important thing is that the value you type in after “is” needs to be the exact same (case-sensitive) as how you have it written in the dropdown options.

Now, the “answer” to those values should only be “yes” for the one that is true and “no” for those that are false. Make sense?

Gaby | Coaching Bubble


Thank you, definitely made sense.

It would be more practical if there was an option to save the index!
Is there this?