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Yes and No questions


How can I save the Yes and No values from a dropdown when in the tables its yes/no fields?

image when I click on “Value” its red and waiting for more?
I need to be able to just save yes and no to the database.

Bubble does give reasons as to why errors like that occur, kindly check the reason and if you could not make sense of it, please send the screenshot of that reason here and I’ll try to give you some direction.

I have no idea how to solve it, I just want to have Yes and No and put taht in the database, but not sure how to do that

If your dropdown has Yes and No as options, then try this…

Benefits = Dropdown Benefit’s value is Yes

I will try that, now, I think I might be doing something wrong here and my logic is wrong, what I want to do is, have a few questions of Yes and No, and then show a % of that result poll, for example

All rabbits in here are males - Yes, No -

How can I do this? I have a table called Answers with one field per question but now I am thinking this is wrong since I want to increment 1 per answer, so in the table should be 10 for yes and 1 for no? or something like that? and then do a call to have it shown to the client “66% of the rabbits are male” for example

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