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Saving data to the bubble database received from external api

Good day!
I’m trying to save the api data to the bubbles database. I get the data on the following request:
However, the received data is stored in the database by one thing, and I need to create separate things. How to solve this problem.

Create database structure to save each field of data returned by api. Setup recursive backend workflow to create each thing from the api results.

How would you provide the list from the external API to the recursive workflow? I understand how to do it with Schedule Workflow on a list, but I don’t see how to do it with Schedule API Workflow. I’m probably missing something really obvious!

Here is a workflow where I call the recursive API Workflow and try to feed the external data in by calling the external API for each parameter (doesn’t seem correct):

And here is the recursive API workflow in the backend:

This is the 1st step in my recursive workflow (this is the new Thing I want to create in the database for each record in the external API).

Thanks for any suggestions!

your backend workflow parameters need to be lists and need to be type text. Your dynamic expression to send the data when scheduling needs to use the Get data from external API and reference appropriate API provider and data fields.

I use a plugin called list popper and friends to help with recursive function.

Thank you! I am going to try to implement this. I have List Popper and Friends but hadn’t thought of using that.