Saving Imgix Changes or another tool


Imgix appears to treat images alterations like there is simply a pane of glass over your image, but does not actually alter or save a new file. Is there a means to do so, for example overwrite an original file with one that has an added sepia affect I’ve exposed to the end user?

My desired MVP approach is simply working with Imgix (if possible) before throwing money at a plugin, but if a plugin is the only other means, then I’d be looking for something similar as well as cropping, without much other bells & whistles if the community can recommend one. I don’t want to over saturate customers with options.


Hi! Welcome on board!

Actully I dont see any problem - iser you will save the result through the same Imgix (you are able to use it when udating aa image) directly to database, or you will pass trough one additional step - as mentioned down below:


Check it - editor is opened in view mode;)

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Thank you!

Taking a moment to digest it, but it shows me it’s possible and I think gets me going!

Thanks @malikinoleg2008 ! Very much appreciated.

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@malikinoleg2008 unless I missed something, I think it still isn’t creating a new file with for example, Sepia added. If you go into your DB and view the edited file where you applied pixelation, once opened, the file is still unedited.

The preview in the DB shows the change, but when you click into the actual file, no changes have been saved that altered the image itself, if for example the user needed to export the image.

Another test is to take the AWS link to the new image and you’ll see the changes weren’t actually saved to the file itself, just how it is rendered in the interface.

Simplest example is a color photo is uploaded, if the user makes it black and white, s/he should be able to download a newly created black & white photo, not just see it as black & white in Bubble’s UI.

Does that make sense?



Great foundation, I didn’t check that options… You are right.

But, looks like I found smth else for you to check -

I suppose this will cover all you requests

And this like a bonus - may be you will allow user to play aroun:)

Hope it helps