Saving web app on home screen IOS is saved as app


Does anyone have this problem? When I save the website on my home screen on my IPhone 6 it saves it as some kind of app or something in full screen. It doesn’t save it as a normal website opened in Safari. The safari top navigation and url is missing.

I don’t have the “Native app” option checked in Bubble.

Is this a bug?


That’s standard IOS behavior. I don’t believe that can be turned off.

Back in the day, when saving to home screen, it used save it as a ‘bookmark’ shortcut in Safari.

Thanks @lantzgould, but when I save other bookmarks in Safari they are saved on the home screen as bookmarks not full screen apps and when I open them they are opened in safari, not full screen as if they were some native app or soemthing.

Usually, most sites have service workers. The ‘meta’ tags are the initiators in making the page ‘full screen’.

If you’re on a paid plan, you might be able to try this in your ‘SEO/Metatags’ section (script in the body):

<meta name="apple-mobile-web-app-capable" content="no">

Other than this… I’m not sure… :thinking:

Thanks @lantzgould,

I just worked it out now. I had the option " Hide Safari UI component" in “General Options” as checked and it was including the line you were mentioning as true.