Schedule api workflow create blank data

Hey everyone

So basically I have a api workflow that trigger create a new thing based on conditionals, whenever it is triggered successfully, it create this new thing with data however a blank “new thing” without data is also created, does anyone know why this is happening?

check to see if the workflow is not being trigger twice. why you have so many create new, use customs workflow to distingue each flow within workflow.

Some time every step run at same time, and maybe because two things are being Tigger thus creating an extra entity in database.

narrow down the Server Log to see why the second thing is being created.

or can you give me read-only access to take a look on it.

Click the pencil icon for the item and see the last modification time, and then use it to narrow down the log.

thanks for the tips, let me take a look at it

We work to gather, and found a button is trigging a workflow, and because that workflow does not have any data its creating an empty thing in database.

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