Cannot create new item in empty database

I cannot create new item in empty database.
The flow is
click button → Schedule API workflow on a list → End point Create a new thing → input 1 in empty database

In case database is empty, it does not work, but if I put something in database first then it can work.
How can I create new item in empty database ?

Can you show screenshot of the step “schedule API workflow on a list”. This may be the problem, especially if that list is empty as well.

Please refer to a picture below

For starters, fill in the interval.

The problem is that your list to run on is empty. Since the item you are trying to create is within the instrument_tables and that is also the list to run on, when this is empty there is nothing in the list.

Actually I don’t understand “Type of things” and “List to run on”.
But the workflow will create new row and put “1” on “number” column. Therefore, I think empty is no problem because the action is “create new thing” from now on.