Schedule API workflow in editor?

Is there any way we can schedule an API workflow in the editor? Not using the bulk workflow funciton in the database

There’s been too many instances where my clients request for manually rescheduling of certain flows, and the only way possible for this is to create page & workflow, launch a hotfix, initiate flow, delete, relaunch page to live - which is a very tedious process

I would recommend creating a backend admin panel for yourself to do these actions; it’ll make your life easier :blush:

I’d automate certain flows if reused often in the future. Although 90% of the time these seem to be one-off requests never to be repeated again :sweat_smile:

As @johnny said you need a admin panel and should have for all apps. you can easily allow all major flows to be run dynamically based on a input / dropdown and some dates and max records fields.

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Right, it’ll also be helpful as you scale and bring additional team members on to do different admin/support actions or whatever you decide to have within your admin panel