Bulk Actions and Scheduled WorkFlow API

Hello Guys,

I am having trouble figuring out how to use bulk actions and scheduled workflow API. Can someone direct me on how to proceed, unfortunately i can’t seem to figure this out from the documentation

What are you trying to do? These two concepts are very different.

  1. delete all things in a table

  2. Modify a text field based on conditions that meet date and time using scheduled workflow.

  1. Is a bit long winded for what you want to do.

Create an API workflow (right at the bottom of the “Page” menu dropdown.

Give it a name. And you will also need to add a parameter of the type that you want to run the action on.

And add a single action.

Then you run this in the data view.


You need to set up an API workflow as above, with a parameter of the data type you want to modify. And an action to do whatever data changes you want.

On the page that you want to schedule the event from, you then need to set up an action that schedules this for a particular thing.

So on your trigger (could be adding something, or clicking etc) you then run a Custom Event that references your API workflow. Point it at the thing you want to change, and give it a time.

So on this page I have a drop down. When that changes I set up a delayed change (in 10 seconds time) for the new value. In 10 seconds, my API workflow runs, and updates something on the thing I have just selected.

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Hi @NigelG,
I was wondering about the Schedule date how to launch the workflow right away. I did a test and it seems that even if the date is past (< Current Date/Time), the workflow is lunch directly. So no need of adding +10 sec I think. @emmanuel, can you confirm this please ?
I prefer to be sure this won’t change as I plan tu use much more the API for doing back-end instantaneous app calculus update than future actions.
Cheers !

By the way, Nigel, very nice from you the time you spend helping others !

Thanks @NicolasDap

Curious as to why you would run an API workflow immediately … Can’t you run a normal workflow ?

Right now WF are run immediately, but some are quite long to run and need to be ended for my user go to the next step. So I want to speed up some actions doing updates on the background when it has not to be immediate.


Ahhhhhh, clever :slightly_smiling:

Yes, if the date is in the past, the workflow will be run once (and only once).

Hello @NigelG I can’t see it in the menu page. can you provide me with some more help on this.

Hello guys, sorry about this but I still can’t figure out how to add a workflowAPI.

Can anyone help

Are you on the Free plan ?

No iam on the personal plan

Good :slightly_smiling:
Go to Settings tab, and then API. And check an API check box.

You won’t see the API menu until you do this, which may be your issue.

Then the API menu appears magically at the bottom of the page menu, you may need to scroll.


Thanks. That’s great! this should be available in the documentation somewhere.

Thanks again

We have something there https://bubble.io/reference#API.workflow_api, but it’s quite light. We’ll work more on API documentation later this year.


Can you share a screenshot of the actions setting? Want to know what you mean by ‘expecting more’.

It’s because “Do a Search for” returns a List of Things
Try “Do a Search for”:FIRST ITEM’ Deadline

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if you want to email the user 3 days before your deadline, maybe you should schedule the date like this
“Do a Search for”:FIRST ITEM’ Deadline +days(-3)

“Current Date/time” is the date/Time RIGHT NOW when you trigger this action. It will be definitely set and won’t be dynamic in the future. Was it your mistake ?