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Schedule API workflow on a list unreliable

I have an app that relies on a scheduled API workflow on a list.

For each user that logs onto the platform, we create 100+ instances of things for that users account. Sometimes, the things are not created even though the user signed up correctly. This causes a poor user experience and we haven’t had much luck with bubble support just yet.

We’re looking into recursive scheduled API flow but even that doesn’t look as reliable.

Any tips on debugging? Has anyone faced anything similar? All recommendations are welcome. Thanks

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API WFs on lists are notoriously unreliable - this is a known issue and something that hasnt been fixed yet. Scheduling a recursive workflow that deals with one thing at a time has proven to be the better option in my experience, but it’s significantly slower.


Yep. Unreliable. You will need to use recursive workflows, although slower, are more consistent and you have more control.

This is a good guide and there are a few more in the forums as well as the official manual.