Scheduled API on list of things: what if the list changes?

Hi! My API schedule is creating a thing based on a reference “thing” in another table.


  1. Reference A -> creates A.
  2. Reference B -> creates B

  3. 10…

The first time I trigger the API workflow, it schedules up 10 flows. The problem is if I add one more to the reference list (nr. 11). It doesn’t iterate within added rows after I trigged it the first time… If I trigger it again, there is a bunch of duplicates regarding the first 10.

Does anyone have a smart solution for this?

Br, Endre

Check the condition is the thing is already created for the reference on Create a new thing on API workflow. if Yes then, just skip otherwise create a thing.

Genious - of course! I just tag each reference thing with 0 or 1 - and if 0 -> Generate scheduled task.

Do you have any tip on how to automatically generate a new “check” on the list? Now I have made a “button” which I manually have to push to run the API endpoint… It would be excellent of I could schedule up a daily “run” on the respective API endpoint.


Yes, you can.
Only if your plan Professional then you can run your Scheduled workflows by daily.
If you plan Personal then you can run your Scheduled workflows by Monthly.