Easiest way to create a list of things on a recurring schedule

Ok, so I’m having trouble creating multiple “things” at once, on a recurring basis. I’ve searched the forum for some basic understanding of API Workflow and can’t seem to wrap my head around being able to do this. It’s simple in my head, but can’t seem to make it happen. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You will probably need two API Workflows. Let’s call them A & B.

In B, add an action to create a single thing. If you need to pass the workflow to create your thing then create a parameter for each piece of data you need to pass. For example, if you wanted to create a task for each user in your database, you would have a parameter for the user and perhaps a parameter for the text of the task instruction.

In A you will want to schedule API workflow B on a list and you might use do a search for … to get your list. When you schedule B, if it requires parameters you will have to pass them here, e.g ‘This User’ as the user and the task text, if we’re following my example above.

As for recurrence, I tend to use Zapier because my current Bubble plan does not allow me to schedule daily workflows. In this case, I would use Zapier to schedule API workflow A. The Bubble recurring workflow can of course also be used in a similar way.

There are many examples for all of this in the forums, so I’m hoping that the combination of the above explanation and those examples will give you what you need.

If not, perhaps you could share some more details of your specific case and screenshots of what you’ve tried.

Good luck.

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