Scheduled procedure for all Users registered

I need to create a routine, based on a cronjob (every hour) for scanning all Users in my DB.
My goal is to update user info every hour, but I don’t how to do “a query” into a backend workflow.

Any suggestion for creating something like this?

Thanks so much


This can 100% be done. I’ve created an app before that used a cron job to send daily email summaries. Sounds similar.

From memory: I used - Free cronjobs - from minutely to once a year. and directed a job at the endpoint for an Backend API workflow. This workflow applied changes to a list of things (all users).

Let me know if that’s not enough to go on. I can look up exactly how I did it and see if there’s anything useful to screenshot tomorrow.

Hi Matt,
I for one would like to see your screnshots.
I am trying to send a daiily summary of activity in a company’s account to Admins. I can trigger the Backend Workflow thanks to Cron-job ( and this video: How to run daily workflows on the Bubble Personal plan | Tutorials | - YouTube ) but I cannot send the Admins what I want (the stuff from their account). thanks