Send email individually to list of users

Email notifications are awesome and very easy to setup.

Now that I have users (about to cross 500!), I’d like to send a daily summary.

I’m currently only able to stuff in a list of all 500 emails into the to: field. A total no-no!

How can I create a workflow that sends one email per email in the list?

Thanks guys, hope this isn’t a dumb question!


Congrats on 500 users. That’s awesome :slight_smile:

You could schedule a backend (api) workflow on a list for this. The list you’ll pass to this workflow will be the list of users who you want to send an email to. In the workflow itself, the action would be to send an email, and the recipient would be “this user’s email”.

Thank you so much!

Any resources or additional details you could share about this Backend API workflow? Have never done anything like this.


Yeah, there’s a great introduction video here that covers the topic:

If you get stuck, feel free to reach out. I offer a coaching service for Bubblers as well.

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Jacob, thank you so much for pointing this out for me! I managed to create a neat little system that worked.

However, it seems the system timed out because “app too busy”. I set the interval to 5seconds. Too short? (all emails are just text, about 150 words)

EDIT: I can see the remaining roughly 400 workflows scheduled in the logs. Will these still go out?

Yeah, this has been a much discussed topic. Check this out: [New Feature] Scheduling API workflows can now be done recursively
There is a nice summary by @josh at the top of the post that summarizes two different approaches you could take.

Either recursive workflows or this plugin are probably your best bets.

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