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ScheduleMe - Powerful Scheduling and Calendar Template

Hi @boston85719 ! Nice template!

I’m in the process of building an appointment system for tours and activities and I’m looking for a solution to block a date if all the seats for that day are taken.

I saw in your template that if there are no times available inside the date, it still lets me select this date.

Have you ever tried to implement this feature? Any tips about it?

Obs: In my case, it is even more complex because each timeslot can accept more than one person.

Thanks @CelsoCamarano

The main reason why the date may still be available is that the available time slots are not generated until after the date is selected. In some instances, a User can set a datafield to represent a total number of bookings for a specific day. This could be used to ensure once all available bookings are made, then the datafield will help to construct a dynamic expression to evaluate if all bookings have been made or not.

The template is supposed to have this feature and a fail safe that if there are no available slots after the date had already been selected the message to the user indicates as such and to choose a new date with a back arrow to click to navigate to the calendar date selection portion of the booking flow.

You would need to alter data structure a bit to incorporate the total persons per timeslot, this would be similar to concept above regarding a datafield to indicate total number of bookings for a day.

Hey @boston85719 - is there a way to embed a specific users event cal on a page? I’ve had it working where we send the user to that page directly but now I want to host a specific cal as part of a wider page. Cheers.

EDIT: I’ve actually found the spot where you’re pulling data from the URL - am I right in thinking that if I change "get data from URL - item 2 / 3 to the hard coded items I want, this should display it correctly?

Hi @alastair1

You could definitely set things up to embed a specific user event cal to a page. I’d recommend checking out the Bubble feature of Page Content Type and some tutorials on ‘how to send data to a page’.

Not sure which area specifically you are referring to, but in my apps I often use the URL to store values…it is the same thing Bubble does for the Page Content Type.