ScheduleMe - Powerful Scheduling and Calendar Template

Released on the marketplace.

ScheduleMe is a powerful template that combines a Calendly Clone with a Google Calendar Clone.

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Registered users are able to create multiple event types, multiple schedules with multiple time ranges per day as well as custom alternative schedules for specific dates. Users can share their personal URL or a URL for a specific event type for their clients to book meetings with them.

Registered users have a dashboard to view all their scheduled meetings as well as make any notes, quickly access meeting participant email or make changes to the status of the meeting.

Registered users can also use the Calendar page to view all their scheduled meetings using day, 4-day, work-week, week, month or year views.

When a meeting has been scheduled, both meeting participants will receive an email with an .ics file calendar invite to easily add the event to their 3rd party calendars. Emails will contain the start and end times of the meeting in the particular users timezone, while also providing quick access to the other participants email address in case further correspondence is required.


The template is fully responsive across all device types and orientations.

Template also comes with some bonus calendars that can be utilized for time range bookings, great for accommodation booking sites.

This template can be used as the starting point of your next project, or be integrated into an existing project.

If you are building a SaaS for organizations who wish to schedule meetings between organization members, a freelancer marketplace, a business listing site or any type of application where scheduling is an important feature, this template is for you.

Provide the most flexible and powerful scheduling capabilities available on Bubble today with ScheduleMe.

Please post here any questions, customization inquires or to report any issues. Be sure to tag the developer @boston85719


Bravo, it’s very cool and nice!

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@boston85719 Hey. Is this a fully functional template?

Also, I encountered this error while trying to create a new Event Type.


What browser were you using when trying to create the event?

Yes the template is fully functional.

I’m using Microsoft Edge version 87. I also experienced the same issues on Firefox. So not sure if it’s browser specific.

Creating the event type is ok. It is only when trying to edit “When can people book this event?” that doesn’t work.

Thanks I will take a look at it again tomorrow, but I just reviewed it and I think I had not connected the users default schedule to be the schedule applied to new events created. So the error with the plugin is probably associated with it attempting to load the applied schedule which is not saved on the new event type.

I will push through the fix on it tomorrow, test it out and post back the results.

Thanks for letting me know about it.

Looking forward to testing it again!

I’ve got another quick question - I already have an existing app and would like to integrate your template into it. How to I do it?

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@boston85719 Is it possible to customise the template and have it integrate to another app?

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Hey @Adrian_Fan

I just made the necessary updates to get this sorted out. It was as I expected and due to my not having related a default schedule to a newly created event.

This actually helped me spot a couple other issues related when canceling the time section of adding a new event.

Everything is all set up now and ready to test out again. Please let me know if you spot anything else.


Got same error, on iOS for your reference.

overall template is amazing!!!

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Was this error doing the same function of adding a new event type? Also, did you experience it within the time I had made the update?

Just wondering if the changes might not have been updated to the template in real time, or if there is an issue with the browsers and the plugin used which would require me to communicate with the plugin creator.

Actually, I think I just got this fixed up. It was connected to how the list of ‘custom hours’ are getting populated and later saved.

If a user created a new event and then went through the process saving the time options without setting a custom schedule and using an ‘applied schedule’ the ‘custom hours’ didn’t get populated, which caused the error to popup.

I just pushed through a fix, as I saw this issue across firefox and google chrome on desktop…should be sorted now.

Please let me know if it is not working on your side as you test again.

Yes, definitely possible to customize the template.

@Adrian_Fan the way to integrate it to an existing app would be the same as any other template. You would have to install the necessary plugins, copy over the database structure, styles, option sets, reusable elements and then pages in that order.

Then during each step ensure you go through the issue checker and make necessary changes.

I’m planning on doing a video to demonstrate how to integrate into an existing project, but no ETA on it ATM.


Hey @boston85719! Impressive template! I’m also having the same issue when I try to edit the “when can people book this event”- It happens when I click the [save and close] button.

Thanks @troy

What browser are you using when you experience this?

If possible could you do a video so I could see the steps taken prior to this as well?

I have tested the feature of ‘save and close’ and did not experience any issues with it. I did however, experience an issue with the cancel button as I had forgotten to put a conditional to not run and event that causes this error associated with the plugin used.

I have since added the conditional and tested across four different platforms on desktop and both cancel and ‘save and close’ buttons are not producing the error.

If you test again and experience the issue please provide a video to demonstrate the events that lead up to the issue, but I expect the fix I put into place with the conditional for the cancel button should have resolved all issues associated with this workflow causing the error in the plugin.

@boston85719 I will make a video and share it with you… but quick question. If I’m already using the template and you update it on your end… how do I update the app I’m working on with the bug fix?

In this particular case I would just provide you instructions on how to add the conditional to fix the issue.

I’m not sure exactly how Bubble handles things like that though. I’ll send a message to Bubble support to ask for some info on how they handle that.

I’ve experienced strange things regarding templates and updates, even today. I had used a template to create a new template, added some new features to the new template and they ended up in the original template as well, so Bubble definitely tries to do things to update templates, but not sure how fool proof it is.