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Scheduling a Sendgrid Email with a DATE - Timezone Issue

Hello everyone! I hope someone reads this message :smiley:

I have set up Sendgrid as my email provider and have no problem sending emails. I have scheduled email workflows as reminders for specific events, 24 hours before the event. I am utilizing the back end workflows for this so that I can cancel the workflows if the even is cancelled.

Herein lies the rub… When scheduled emails via the backend workflow, all date data fields are set to Pacific time (Bubble server time). I have scoured the forum and have not found an elegant way to ensure that the dates in these emails are matching the user timezones.

I understand that Bubble retrieves user time zones on the front end, but I find it frustrating that there is no simple way to store user time zones other than address (which I would much rather NOT have to do). If this is the only solution, then so be it, but I thought I’d ask the community if anyone has come up with a better solution! Thank you in advance for your time.

I’ve got you covered!

My calendar scheduling suite comes with a Timeslot generator that will produce these dates for you with the click of a button. Enter the desired time and users timezone ID and voila, the generator will produce a list of dates at your preferred interval for as many events as you need!

See it in action here

Or a more complex implementation here

If you don’t want to buy the whole calendar Plugin I would be and have been considering for a while breaking off the timeslot generator into a plug-in of its own and charging at least half or less then I currently charge for the calendar schedule or sweet Plugin.

If any of this sounds interesting I would be totally willing to give you two weeks for free to test it out and see if it does what you need. I can even help you set it up. Let me know if that sounds interesting!

Dealing with dates across time zones is a big pain in the ass

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