Scheduling an API Workflow on multiple lists (from different sources)

I’m using the ‘Schedule API Workflow on a list’ to add line items:

I can get the product_image, but I also need to get the price and quantity information from a different source (and add it to the database with the images).

I have tried adding a separate API workflow to edit the info (make changes to line item) but ‘make changes to a thing’ doesn’t work sequentially.

What’s the best way to do this? Is recursion the best method for this use case?

I wish there was some way to have the ‘Schedule API Workflow on a list’ output a number for the iteration of each list item, and I could have the endpoint as Search for Line Itemss:item#(output_integer)...

Hey there,

What’s the overall goal here? Bulk creation of products form a WooCommerce site? Or an ongoing sync or?

The goal is to create database entries for line items from a Woocommerce store, basically. Ongoing, whenever a new order is made. Unfortunately I need to source some information from an email due to WordPress plugin reasons.

That makes sense. Re the above yep by the looks of things you’ll need a recursive workflow because of the complexity for each items, there is no way to get the source data through one call?

Unfortunately not, product images for custom products aren’t exported from the Woocommerce API so I have to get them the old fashioned way; inbound parse to Bubble regex. Thanks!

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