Scheduling API workflows on a list vs Scheduling API workflow which makes changes to a list of things

Any idea what is the tradeoff and what is better?

I need to run a workflow on a list of instruments to get the latest market price (from an external API). I can do either:
a) Schedule API workflow on a list of instruments, or
b) Scheduled an API workflow which makes changes to the list of things (instruments)



Test and see :grinning:

@cmarchan Hoping you can help me out here - you seem to have a knack so thought I’d ask you!
When I run an API Wflow on a list, the changes are not being made simultaneously.
The result of this means that the user has to wait for each item to update individually at Bubble’s pace.
Is there any way of simultaneously changing each item?
I’ve tried splitting the actions up and pushing API Workflows through API workflows but still end up with the same result.


I have been there Ryan. Running lists using the list command wreaks havoc in the dB!

Better to run the list recursively. Much more reliable.

If you do not know how to program a recursive api workflow just search the forum and/or YouTube as there are pretty good learning resources out there. :smiley:

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recursive you say…ok thanks, I’ll take a look

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