Scheduling API Workflows Recursively for Emails

Continuing the discussion from [New Feature] Scheduling API workflows can now be done recursively:

So, I’m trying to schedule a whole load of emails (5,000+) to out my users and want to use recursive scheduled workflows. My brain is processing how I might do this, but don’t know how to actually execute it.

My thoughts:

  1. Starting the scheduling of the workflows would be “Do a search for users:first item”
  2. In the workflows it’ll run and send the email to the first user in the User Database, then schedule a recursive workflow to go to the next user

I’m stuck on how I can tell Bubble to go to the next user…

Any thoughts? Probably very simple, but my brain hurts thinking about this :joy:

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Figured out a workaround. Just by creating a new parameter what counts where it is in the list.

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