Having trouble with Scheduled API Workflows

Hello Bubble Community,

I’ve been trying for days and can’t seem to get this working. Background: I’m on a dedicated instance and I’m trying to build some reoccurring API workflows to catch errors in the database.

Problem: I can’t get them to actually schedule and show up in my Upcoming workflow log. I have tried multiple configurations and none of them seem to run. I even checked out the video from @romanmg, but it was geared towards workflows on a list of things and not scheduled every night at a specific time. (She is great still though!!)

Item Type: User


Help me Bubble Community. You are my only hope!

@josh10, you are trying to schedule recursively on the same user but with 5 hours between runs.

On this screen, your User should be a search for Users:first item with a constraint of User's Residence State is empty.

The Only when filter should be the same search but instead of using :first item use :count > 0


Scheduled date should be simply Current date/time

You will need to trigger this workflow with a separate Scheduled Event. Or you can set it in motion and have it reschedule itself.

The way to do that is to have a second Schedule API Workflow, set the Scheduled date to Current date/time +(days): 1 (change hour to whatever time you want it running) and the Only when filter should be the same as before with this change :count is 0

Thanks for replying @eli! I tried those steps and I may have still made a mistake. I checked the logs and still don’t see the scheduled workflow.

I was perhaps unclear. You don’t need a 2nd endpoint. The 2nd Schedule API Workflow step needs to be in the same workflow as the first one.

You have this first one already setup.

The second one should look like this.

You are still scheduling the same endpoint, you are just telling Bubble, hey, when there are no more users that have an empty Residence State field, wait 9 hours then look again.

Once this is running, it should continue on in perpetuity.

You will need to put a temporary button on a page with a workflow to get it all started though.

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That was the trick! Thanks for your help on this. Now I need to practice a bunch. It is working now. This could make a good YouTube tutorial for someone to put out. Very useful!!!

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