Scheduling System

Has anyone built a scheduling system on bubble? Is there any template for this? Something similar to acuity.

I want experts to choose their available slots, and clients should be able to book them, Once booked, I want it to be reflected on their Google calendar.
I am currently using acuity for this but want to migrate to something else.

Working with time is always a pain in Bubble but you get used to it if you spend enough time focused on that kind of data manipulation. I’ve built several related things (calendars, class registrations, time clocks) and I’d say this is definitely something you could do with native Bubble. I’ve also integrated a Bubble app with Google Calendar before - so that’s doable as well!

Just some general points to consider:

  • Time zones are a pain. Consider if you want your appointment slots to be shown always in the time zone of the expert (you might want this if it’s a local, in-person service, for example) or the time zone of whoever is looking at it (better for online engagements). Where time zones really bite you in the butt is when you round things down to the day/week/month/year; then the next time zone over can show a completely different day than the one in which the item was created. Hopefully not a huge concern if you’re tackling times directly, but I see it come up every time I try to pick a day without picking a time.
  • Native options for picking date ranges (and time ranges) are, imo, not great. I’ve had trouble with plugins like Air Date/Time Picker as well when trying to do a date range. Sometimes it’s easier to just store two times, a start and end time, rather than try to mess with the ‘date range’ datatype. And I’m at the point where I prefer to build my own date/time selector with repeating groups of numbers rather than go with the defaults, but that’s just me :smile:
  • Integrating with outside apps like Google Calendar is going to require some sort of outside review before they let you commercialize your product, I’m pretty sure. That might depend on scale for how soon that comes up but keep it in mind as you move forward.

Good luck with your project!

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There are a few templates on the marketplace already and as with all templates some are better built than others.

Go to Bubble marketplace Templates | Bubble and use search feature with keyword Schedule


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