Screenshot element plugin takes screenshot of only the background

Hi there,

I am trying to use “screenshot element” plugin to take a screenshot of an html element in a RG. The element is a tweet embedded in a div element. (screenshot attached).

When the screen shot is triggered it takes a screenshot of only the background and not the embedded tweet. (screenshot attached).

I have no clue why it’s behaving like this. Any help is appreciated, thank you! Please let me know in case you need more information.

Thank you!

Hi @rony.kris ,

Have you found any clue to solve this issue? Actually struggling on the same subject…



So, I couldn’t get the plugin to work. Lol.

But I got it working via a custom js function running in an html element.

Let me know if you think I can help.


Hi Rony,

Thanks for your reply!

Is your screenshot html element able to take screenshot of popup or javascript element? If this is the case I’m more than interested!

Thanks a lot,

I did not test it on a pop up element. It was only tested on a html element.