Screenshots on apps dashboard

can these screenshots be changed?

a previous post guessed that they are screenshotted occasionally, but…either it doesn’t happen very often, or maybe you need to be on a paid acct, or…

I’d also be interested in this answer. It’s a small thing but I’m on a paid plan with 1 project live and 2 more in development and they are always completely blank for me except for an old project from a couple of years back which inexplicably does have a screenshot.

i cloned an example app and got a diff screenshot. empty, but still, different.

The screenshots get updated when you visit the app in the editor, and not more than once every 4 days.

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Screenshot is a cool feature. I’m sure it’s a relatively expensive operation.

Still, i vote for updating it at least once a day. Four days just too long.

Ideally, it’s updated with each index page update.

If the feature is worth having, then it’s worth having it work in the way that a typical user would expect. If it’s too painful, then maybe we don’t need it, and can instead choose a logo or similar image to associate with the app so we can spot it quickly.

If the project hasn’t been changed, no reason to update. If index page not changed, no reason to update.

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I appreciate the feedback (it’s only for visual purposes though).

Mine are completely blank. It’s not a biggie but a small thing nice to have if they would display a picture of what’s in them along with the name.

Edit: Just thought this is probably because I have a dev user/pw set on the app so the screenshot can’t be fetched.

my TodoMVC app screenshot started showing up.

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